Meet Juliun

A Dallas Wedding Photographer

I'm Juliun. Here's my story.

I grew up with a spontaneous dad and a mom who needed to plan everything. I say this to say that I know, firsthand, how stressful, and often overwhelming, the planning process can be (especially when that planning has to factor in 5 kids.) 

Fast forward a few years to me being a bridesmaid and I'm seeing exactly just how much planning goes into having a successful, and fun, wedding. However along with that came stress. But here's what made the difference. The wedding photographer. From the moment they were hired, you could see just how much my friend's stress melted away. Then on the wedding day, I saw why. The confidence, the knowledge. It inspired me and I wanted to do that myself.

Having been a wedding photographer for a few years now, I've learned a few things. The most important being, you don't want to spend your engagement, or your wedding day, worrying. You don't want to worry about whether or not those special moments will be captured - and not just captured, you want them captured WELL and in a way that emits your youness. 

That is where I come in. 

My main priority when photographing your wedding is to provide you that sigh of relief that comes in knowing that you have a photographer who is zealous, and excited, about capturing the essence of your moments, the depth of your bond, and the impact of your emotions as you celebrate your one-of-a-kind love. 


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Me as a bridesmaid

Rebeccah and ron

"He took all the pictures we suggested as well as many good ideas he also had. Juliun made our wedding day even more special with his presence and the wonderful work he did. We highly recommend using him as your photographer."

"Juliun was very friendly and took excellent pictures."

Mattie and shahidul

"He got every shot that we wanted and then some, even some with our dog! If you're still looking for a photographer, stop right now and hire Juliun. You'll be so happy that you did!"

"Hands down the best photographer we've ever had!"

Felicia and megan

"He's very professional, talented, friendly, and a great person to get when you need pictures of your special moments with friends and family, and especially of yourself! He has a lot of very good ideas. We were very lucky to find him! He is our GO TO photographer :). Thank you, Juliun! We love your art!"

"Juliun was very prompt with his timing, he showed up to the venue early and stayed the entire time to make sure we enjoyed our very special day."

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